Chamber Work Groups

The Chamber offers six JACC livability work groups, co-chaired by young professionals from the Young Professionals Network. These work groups exist to serve and champion local businesses, improve livability, develop community leaders, build and market the Joplin brand, and attract both talent and new business to the Joplin area.

We invite ALL Chamber members to get involved in one or more of these work groups, click the link below to sign up. Check out the Chamber calendar for meeting times and places.

  1. Chamber Gives Back (Chair: Dana Pim) is tasked with organizing and deploying the business community into monthly high-impact volunteer service initiatives.
  2. Diversity & Inclusion (Co-Chairs: Sergio Rizo and Heidi Smorstad) is tasked with developing solutions on how to further create a more diverse and inclusive climate in our business community and our community at-large. To achieve a significant transformation, this collaborative, sustainable effort will include community conversations and events, launching and monitoring initiatives and programs, benchmarking and assessments, celebrating and championing diversity, and continually educating our community on the value of diversity and inclusion.
  3. Trails & Connectivity (Co-Chairs: Kayla McCollum and Ray Moore) is tasked with championing public and private investments in trails and connectivity initiatives, organizing and deploying the business community to support the Joplin Trails Coalition and increase usage of these amenities.
  4. Cultural Enterprise Recruitment (Co-Chairs: Shawn Daniel and Joe Malin) is tasked with the recruitment or instigation of new businesses that specifically add unique leisure or culinary amenity to our area that did not exist prior. Efforts include both business attraction and building community support for local entrepreneurs seeking to establish such cultural enterprises in Joplin.
  5. Community Health & Wellness (Co-Chairs: Hayley Sirmon and Jennifer Little) is tasked with educating, organizing, and deploying the business community into collaborative initiatives with the purpose of permanently improving health and wellness within our business community and the Joplin community at-large.
  6. Professional Development (Co-Chairs: Dale Clark and Alex Gandy) is tasked with recruiting and training both executive and entrepreneurial mentors, placing those seeking such mentorships, and also identifying and scheduling Ed Talk and 1 Million Cup speakers.