U.S. Army Veteran - Brodi Pursley

Brodi Pursley, U.S. Army Veteran, with Connor, wife Lona, Nevaeh and Dezarae

Welcome Home to Joplin

A place that’s still home.

Places that feel like home from the very first day you arrive there are rare, but they still exist.  Places like Joplin, where you find the easy lifestyle often characterized with a smaller town, but also the amenities of a City that serves more than 200,000 people every day with jobs, medical care, education, retail and entertainment. Joplin is a growing city of more than 52,000 people serving its combined metro area of 210,000 people and a market area of over 350,000 people in Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas. From Joplin itself to the smaller cities and towns in our region, there is plenty to love about this place that still feels like home.

You will love calling the Joplin area home first because it’s routinely touted as one of the best, and most affordable, places in the United States to live, work and raise a family.  The Joplin region is a remarkable place where the people still care about their neighbors and friends, as well as about their schools and communities. From commerce and manufacturing to education and culture; from healthcare and recreation to sporting events and transportation, the Joplin region is a 5,000-square-mile home in the heart of the U.S. We’d love to say “Welcome Home” to you.

Joplin Park

Michael Garfied, U.S. Army Veteran, with son Laken

Quality of Life

Cultural enthusiasts, artists, performers, extreme sportsmen and nature lovers all find something in the Joplin region that makes it feel like home

Parks, sports, lakes, hunting, fishing, biking, and entertainment characterize the Joplin region’s quality of life. With a temperate, four-season climate, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors from community parks, to walking and biking trails to floating down one of the many area Ozark streams. But it’s not just about the outdoors. The area is home to an eclectic blend of entertainment venues and festivals in nearly every community that make up the Joplin region. Shoppers and diners delight in the variety of shopping and eateries offered throughout the region. Art galleries, museums and concerts add to the year-round quality of living in the area. 

Veteran Services

Amy Donaldson & Jaxx, U.S. Air Force Veteran Co-founder of Compass Quest Veterans Services & Thin Red Line K9s

Veteran Services

We want you to live here and thrive here as well

The Joplin region embraces those who have served our nation. And if you’re currently serving, we invite you to come join us. With several Guard and Reserve units calling the region home, it’s a great place to live and continue to serve. If you’re separating or retiring from the service and deciding where to live, then please come on home to the Joplin region. There is a wide array of veteran services, starting with the overall quality medical care in the region as noted in here.  This care will be enhanced in 2018 with a new VA Clinic in Joplin serving the entire region.

There are numerous organizations to help veterans get engaged in the community and many that provide direct support. These include but are not limited to:

  • American Legion Posts
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Posts
  • Missouri State Southern University (MSSU) Student Veteran Organization
  • State Career Centers job placement services
  • Compass Quest Veterans Services

Hacket Hot Wings

Floyd Hackett, U.S. Army Veteran Owner, Hackett Hot Wings


The Joplin region is an easy place to call home.

The Joplin region enjoys one of the lowest housing costs in the United States. The low cost of housing includes one of the lowest residential property tax rates in the Midwest. With reasonable prices and low taxes, the dream of home ownership is a reality in the communities that make up the Joplin region.

Whether you prefer downtown loft living, a kid-friendly subdivision, smaller town lifestyle or a place in the country, the Joplin area offers many varieties of housing options from which to choose!

  • Joplin City population: 52,195 Combined MO-OK Metro area: 210,315
  • Region service area population: 350,000
  • Estimated average household income: $56,832
  • Estimated median house value: $123,323
  • Median monthly rent: $753
  • Cost of living index Joplin Metro: 86.8 (U.S. average is 100)

Strong Health Care Choices

An array of medical care choices for all ages

Medical care is strong in the region with two major regional medical centers based in Joplin and numerous community hospitals serving the other cities and towns. With major medical centers, there are treatment options for the majority of medical conditions. There is also a strong network of family physicians. The health care options also include numerous mental health options and physical therapy services. The areas universities support health care training for the region from med-tech to therapist to nursing. The pipeline to insure quality doctors is growing with the new KCU medical school campus as noted below.

Joplin High School

Excellent Education Options

From early childhood to post-graduate, we have first-class learning opportunities

The students in the Joplin region have a variety of educational options from private to public to parochial schools. After graduation, students can continue their education at several area universities, colleges and technical schools. Whether you want to continue your own education or training for jobs, or you want a good school for your children, the Joplin are has many options. The post-graduate options are enhanced with the brand new Kansas City University-Joplin School of Medicine and Biosciences, a campus of one of the nation’s top ten private medical schools.

Joplin schools and those in several nearby communities are some of the most recognized and respected schools in their states. While all area schools work in tandem to help students attain the highest level of learning, all bets are off on Friday nights! If you’re a sports enthusiast, plan to put on your school colors and cheer our teams on!

Joplin Area Job Opportunities

Josh Landers, U.S. Army Veteran and Tim Hicks, U.S. Air Force Veteran

Job Opportunities for Everyone

And we need great people to fill them.

As the Joplin region’s economy grows, there are plenty of jobs available in nearly every sector.  Manufacturing, health care, transportation/logistics and government are among the largest employment sectors. All of them have jobs from entry-level to highly technical, including supervisory, information technology and management jobs that go with these sectors.

There is a growing array of tech and IT firms. Our schools from public to private to higher ed are always looking for good people.  Retail and restaurant and hospitality jobs abound. And if you’re passionate about social services, we have those too.

Companies and organizations in the Joplin region don’t just say “Now hiring,” they say “Welcome home” and mean it.

Steven “Teddy” Bell–U.S. Marine Corp Veteran

Brandon Louderback–Active USAF Reserves

Emily Parker–U.S. Navy Veteran
Erick Torres–U.S. Army Veteran

Jeff Hunt–U.S. Army Veteran
Troy Webb–U.S. Army Veteran
David Harris–U.S. Army Veteran

Shawn and Natasha Robertson & family | U. S Air Force Veteran

Shawn and Natasha Robertson & family | U. S Air Force Veteran

On the Move to and From Home

It’s easy to get to and from almost any place from the Joplin region

Joplin is located in the heart of the U.S. at the corner of Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas Both coasts, Canada and Mexico are easily accessible by Interstates with I-44 and I-49 serving the region. Joplin Regional Airport offers connections to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, DFW has numerous international flight options.  And fight options are expanded with three other commercial airports within a 60-100-minute drive depending on where you live in the region.